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Textbook Examination Policy:
Eerdmans is happy to provide qualifying professors with a complimentary examination copy of Fundamentals of New Testament Greek (and the accompanying Workbook). Please fill out the order form below, noting that certain fields are required for us to process this special offer. By accepting this offer you agree to be contacted by an Eerdmans sales representative in 90 days to report your decision to use the book in your classroom or, if not, to provide us with feedback as to what led to your decision not to use it. Examination copies are limited to one copy per professor. Eerdmans reserves the right to refuse an exam copy to any professor who abuses the policy.

Please note that examination copies will be granted at the discretion of Eerdmans Textbook Department.

  • To order non-exam copies, visit the Fundamentals of New Testament Greek book pages on eerdmans.com.
  • To order exam copies of other Eerdmans titles, visit the textbook examination page on eerdmans.com. Appropriate discounts apply.
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