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Anthony C. Thiselton
— University of Nottingham
"Greek is taught here with thoroughness and a meticulous concern for detail that cuts no corners while introducing the student imaginatively and with relevance to the tools of the trade. The questions in the workbook are stimulating and well-chosen. Throughout, Stanley Porter and his associates show a love of the language that regards Greek not as a chore to be endured but as an art to be enjoyed. They are masters of the subject and have produced an admirable and distinctive teaching tool, enhanced by an excellent workbook."

D. A. Carson
— Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
"The great strengths of these books are their coherence, comprehensiveness, knowledge of contemporary linguistics (it is most encouraging to see verbal aspect theory laid down as part of the foundation), the wide-ranging use of Greek drawn from texts instead of artificially created snippets, and the fine integration of the workbook with the textbook. Highly recommended."

Craig A. Evans
— Acadia Divinity College
"Stanley Porter and his colleagues bring to this textbook and workbook decades of studying and teaching ancient Greek. The authors are well known for their expertise in grammar, syntax, linguistics, and discourse analysis. Fundamentals of New Testament Greek offers concise definitions and explanations (which reflect Greek study in its most current form), numerous and well-chosen paradigms, vocabulary well beyond what is found in other introductory grammars, and exercises that are pedagogically sound and draw students into the Greek of the New Testament... Teachers will find Porter's Fundamentals a pleasure to use; students will be grateful that their teacher adopted it."

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